Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing Dow City, IA

When it comes to history, Dow City, Iowa, takes the cake. This town is rich in history–richer than most. From early settlers in the mid-1800s who were raided and attacked by Native Americans, to factories and small shops, Dow City slowly but steadily grew into a charming, small town. The scenery is beautiful, the homes are historic, and the people are friendly!

Waterproofing in Dow City, IAOne problem that many homeowners living in this scenic small town often encounter is basement water issues. These issues occur when water makes its way into your home and basement. If water is allowed to pool at the base of your foundation, it might eventually enter the home through leakage and seepage. This can cause issues such as mold growth, condensation, high humidity. water stains and damage, and other problems.

If you start to notice any of these issues in your home, contact the professionals at WCI Basement Repair as soon as possible. We offer basement waterproofing solutions for every area of your home. For the outside of the home, we provide surface drainage and exterior drainage to reduce the amount of water that gathers around your foundation and stop it from leaking into your home. For the inside of your home, we offer interior drainage and sump pump systems, which collect the water from your basement and channel it out to the outside of your home to keep your possessions and your basement safe.

Foundation Repair Methods in Dow City, IA

It is as such with older towns. There are older homes, and though they may be beautiful, they’re bound to need some fixing-up sooner or later. Most of the problems these homes have come through the foundation and the basement. These problems can sneak up on you because if it’s not obvious (your home is going to fall over, or your basement is practically flooded) the signs are a little more subtle and harder to catch. To check for foundation problems, examine areas of your home both upstairs and downstairs looking for sloping floors, bowing walls, problems with doors or windows, and cracked floors. If you see any of these, call a professional immediately. The urgency is because the longer these problems sit there without being fixed, the more expensive and dangerous they can be. Foundation Repair in Dow City, IA

Fortunately, we have multiple solutions to help you out! Some of the foundation repair options that we offer include:

  • Helical Piers – Placed under foundations to reverse settlement and sinking.
  • Steel Push Piers – Installed under foundations to offer more support.
  • Wall Anchors – Used to straighten foundation walls and prevent shifting.
  • Underpinning Solutions – To keep foundations stable and in the right position.

To fix your foundation problems, we will install these quality products from ECP (Earth Contact Products). Products like helical piers and steel push piers support your foundation from under the concrete slab to lift the home if it is settling and give it enough support to prevent further foundation failure. For foundation wall cracks and bowing basement walls, we install wall anchors, which pull on the wall and anchor it into solid soil nearby. This straightens the foundation and keeps it steady for years to come. Whatever sort f foundation repair solution you are in search of for your Dow City, IA home, the team at WCI Basement Repair can help you out.

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