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Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Coon Rapids, Iowa

Coon Rapids is a small town in western Iowa. Located in Carroll county, the citizens of Coon Rapids pride themselves on a tight knit community with friendly neighbors. This accepting city features miles of hiking and biking trails in addition to a 9 hole golf and disc golf course and a rec center.

If your Coon Rapids home is having troubles with water in the basement then WCI Basement Repair is the company for you. Basement water damage can be very costly and it is important your house has the necessary features of prevention. Basement flooding can stem from something as simple as malfunctioning gutters. Or it can be from poorly installed sump pumps and interior drainage systems. Some signs that your basement may have a water issue include: mold or mildew, damp walls, rusting metal or rotting wood, and water seepage or damage.

At WCI we have a variety of waterproofing products from Earth Contact Products (ECP) to help you and your home in Coon Rapids, Iowa. We can put in high functioning sump pumps and interior and exterior drainage systems in order to waterproof your basement and keep your foundation sturdy. These solutions not only rid your basement of water, but they also keep it from coming back into your basement again.

“Your office staff was very knowledgeable, courteous and caring. Scott came down, told me about the system, and measured it out. I was sold on it as soon as he introduced himself and I did not price anyone else. I chose your company because you are local. Also, because Brian is very professional when he comes into my place of work for business and when Scott and I spoke I could tell he knew his stuff. Your crew was very nice and kept things as clean as possible. They were very courteous and hardly made a mess. The clean-up was very good. I would recommend your company to anyone. I have been advertising by word of mouth already!”

Coon Rapids, IA

Foundation Repair Solutions in Coon Rapids, IA

The foundation is arguably the most important part of any home or structure. It provides the footing your home will need to stand tall and secure. If your home’s foundation starts to sink, however, it can cause issues in other areas of the home. Some signs that your home’s foundation is failing include:

  • Foundation Settlement
  • Sloping or Uneven Floors
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Bowing or Leaning Walls
  • Wet Basement
  • Sticking Windows or Doors

Foundation Repair Coon Rapids, Iowa

If you see these problems, you may want to invest in underpinning solutions for your home with ECP foundation piers. This way your home is on top of the foundation and not sinking into the soil and settling. The effects of a settling home can be cracked or leaning walls, or the collapse of an area of your home. This is why a damaged foundation is a huge risk when it comes to the safety of your family.

WCI Basement Repair cares about foundation repair in your Coon Rapids home. We offer the latest products and techniques for fixing your home. These repair options underpinning your home with steel piers or helical piers, or stabilizing the foundation with wall anchors. If you encounter foundation problems, you should try to have them repaired right away. The integrity of your home is at stake. That is why it is best to invest in professional repair options from WCI Basement Repair. Contact us right away to see what our team can do to keep you, your family, and your home safe. We are happy to provide the necessary foundation repair and basement waterproofing services to residents in the Coon Rapids, IA area.

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“My brother had a great experience with WCI Basement Repair so I contacted you based off his experience. Everyone was great! Your company did a wonderful job and I have already referred my neighbor!”

Coon Rapids, IA


“Scott did an excellent job of thoroughly explaining the entire procedure. The concept of WCI’s system makes a lot of sense. All the bases are covered with this system. We are very pleased with the entire process and are very confident that our basement water problems are a thing of the past. Good job guys!”

Bob & Cindy
Coon Rapids, IA


“We saw your advertisement in the Carroll Herald and did not check with other companies as we want to do business locally. Scott was very thorough and we were well pleased with the job your crew did”

Daniel & Diane
Coon Rapids, IA


“We chose WCI Basement Repair to install Foundation Wall Anchors because of their price. Scott was very good and knew exactly what to do. The installers arrived on time and were very courteous. Their cleanup was beyond satisfactory. The basement was cleaner when they left!”

Matt & Jenni
Coon Rapids, IA