Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Templeton, Iowa

Iowa is known for it’s small, charming towns on the outskirts of the vast farmland. And although these towns are small, they’re knit tight together with a sense of community and history. Many of these towns share some history that goes deep nationwide. Templeton, Iowa, stands out as one of these, because of the Templeton Rye craze in the Prohibition era in the U.S. in the 1920s. Legalized recently, Templeton Rye is coming out as something new with a historic twist. See? Small towns aren’t just small. They’re big and rich with history! WCI is proud to be the number one basement waterproofing Templeton Iowa service provider. We are very proud to serve Templeton.

“I will be telling everyone about you guys and how great a job you did! I have shown people my basement that I never left down there before! Scott did a great planning job and I didn’t desire to look anywhere else after meeting with him. Brian, his guys and the work they did was perfect. I would say they were above and beyond courteous especially with their working conditions. They cleaned up the work area every day before they left. I absolutely would refer you to anyone. I will be sending you a photo album with pictures I took throughout the project. Thanks guys!”

Templeton, IA

Foundation Repair Options in Templeton, IA

With all of this history, it’s no wonder that there are going to be historic homes. And with historic homes, you know that there could be some problems. One of the main problems with homes (historic or not) are foundation problems. Foundation problems can wreak havoc on your home. They aren’t noticed very easily most times, and that’s a big problem, because the longer they sit there, untouched, the more expensive they can get, and the more dangerous they can become. Foundation problems can also cause problems with your basement, so that just adds on more problem! It’s always a good idea to check for foundation problems when you get a chance. Look for cracks in your walls, sticking doors or windows, and sloping floors. Don’t forget to check out your basement! If you have water all over, it’s no question there’s a problem, but look also for cracks in the walls, floors, and bowing walls. These are all signs of foundation problems. Thankfully, we know how to fix them! We offer a wide variety of services, including fixing your foundation and basement waterproofing. We offer interior and exterior waterproofing through sump pums, sump pits, and backup sump pumps, and to fix your failing foundation, we offer wall anchors, push piers, helical piers, and underpinning.

If you need your foundation or basement repaired or crawl space waterproofed, call us, WCI Basement Repair! Come on down or give us a call today!

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