Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Newell, Iowa

This small, historic town has really become something! With the recreation center and municipal pool, you’re sure to have fun and stay in shape! If you’re looking for a bit of history, check out the Allee Mansion, built in 1891! This gorgeous Victorian mansion will have you drooling! It is a beautiful town to live, and a great place to visit. Come on down to Newell!

Foundation Repair Options in Newell, IA

There’s no question that your home is important to you, and we understand that. We, too, are homeowners and would like to look out for our fellow neighbors and homeowners by helping them fix their problems. Two of the biggest problems with homes are foundation problems and basement problems. They can sneak up on you if they’re not being obvious (water all over the basement, the house is about to fall over), so make sure to check for them when you get the chance by looking for these signs! For foundation problems, look for cracked walls, sticking doors or windows, windows or doors that are dislodged or out of place, and sloping floors. For basement problems, look for water (of course), cracked walls, cracked floors, and bowing walls. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, call us immediately! We have many solutions for you to choose from! For foundation repairs, we offer helical piers, push piers, underpinning, and wall anchors. For basement repairs, we offer sump pumps, sump pits, battery back-up pumps, french drains, interior drainage systems, and exterior drainage systems. You want to make sure that you get these problems fixed right away, because the longer they sit there, untouched, the more expensive and dangerous they’ll become. And they’ll become expensive quickly, which is why it’s always a good idea to check for these problems routinely. And you may not think a little water will harm your basement, but that water will bring mold and mildew. Beyond the annoyance of this, almost 50% of the air you breathe in your home comes from the basement. If you’re breathing in those mold and mildew particles, that could harm your health! You don’t want that, and we don’t want that, either. That’s why you should call us now!

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