wet basementFoundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Glidden, IA

There’s been debate over the years on just who Glidden is named for. Some believe it is Captain W.T. Glidden, a railroad promoter, whereas others think it is Joseph Farwell Glidden, the inventor of barbed wire. Although this may be debated, there is one thing that is for sure: homeowners in Glidden, IA have probably had to deal with a wet basement sometime in their life.

Damage to foundations is almost always caused by water. Our staff of experts can assist you with wet basements or crawlspaces. We will inspect your gutters, seal your drainage system and repair your wall cracks. We want to be your number one provider for basement waterproofing in Glidden, Iowa.

“I was recommended to your company from 2 different people. Your office staff was very courteous and efficient and their responses were timely. Scott was very thorough and took the time to explain everything to me. He had good follow-up. I didn’t check into other companies. After meeting with Scott I didn’t feel there was any reason to. I like that you are local also. Brian and the crew are very professional and knowledgeable. They are hard workers and absolutely courteous. Their clean-up was Top-Notch! Thank You! I appreciate how well and quickly everything was done. Thanks also for offering to take pallets of stuff to the landfill and also for the referrals to paint and clean ducts. WCI Basement Repair is an outstanding company from top down.”

Glidden, IA

Foundation Repair Solutions in Glidden, IA

foundation repairThe professionals at WCI Basement Repair are the ones to call if you need expert foundation repair services. There are several causes of foundation damage in Glidden. Foundation issues can be caused by poor compacting of soil during construction. If the soil is not compressed correctly, it may settle unevenly, causing the foundation to lower at different rates around the structure. Other causes can be the extreme variety of weather we experience in western Iowa. Heavy rains may cause the ground to become over-saturated, causing the soil to expand or shift. On the other hand, drought conditions will cause the soil to become dry and contract, pulling away from foundations and thereby not providing the needed support. Other naturally occurring events can be trees or roots growing or shrinking, which in turn can cause shifts in the soil, along with seismic activity causing your foundation to move out of place.

Basement Waterproofing Adair IowaWe want WCI Basement Repair to be the first company you call for all of your home repair needs in Glidden, IA. Our combination of experience, customer service and quality products will give you the best solution to any situation you may have.


“We were very pleased with the work done by WCI Basement Repair. We chose your company because of your reputation. We trusted your knowledge and experience. Your crew was very efficient and left the yard looking undisturbed. Excellent job!”

Glidden, IA

“We found WCI Basement Repair to be a knowledgeable local company. Scott suggested solutions I had not thought of. Your crew did an excellent job and we are very pleased with the results.”

Glidden, IA

“Your office staff was very easy to work with. Scott knew his stuff and showed us what we needed to do. We chose your company because you were local and close to home. Brian and the crew were good to work with, very clean, and kept me informed.”

Glidden, IA

“We heard about your company from a friend who referred you. Your staff was very professional and returned calls in a timely manner. Scott was also very professional. He answered all our questions and gave us a drawn up proposal of his plan and written instructions of what was to take place so there were no surprises. WCI was the only company in the area that we checked with. The crew was very professional and hard workers. They were very, very courteous to us! The clean-up was a big job but was handled well. I cannot say enough positive about WCI Basement Repair and its staff and crew. We were also very pleased with the job. It took care of our situation. Please do use us as a reference. I will be sure to pass your name on!”

Dave & Diane
Glidden, IA