When Do You Need a French Drain?

french drain for foundation seepageIf you have a wet yard or wet basement, a French drainage system can help. WCI Basement Repair are experts in installing French drains in Iowa. We use only the best products for our drainage pipes in Iowa. We use the ECP 400 Series Drain pipe for our French drain system. ECP (Earth Contact Products) is the leader in basement waterproofing products today.

If you have a flat yard, a French drain can help. The concept behind a French drain is to direct surface and ground water away from the home’s foundation.

How the French Drain Works

A French drain is a slightly sloped trench that is filled with gravel and a drainage pipe is installed into the trench. Water flows into the trench and then into the pipe, which drains the water away from the home. Depending on your situation, the water can be diverted to:

  • The street
  • Dry well
  • Drainage ditch
  • Low-lying area in your yard

The ECP drainage pipe we use is either perforated or non-perforated. The perforated drain pipe removes pooling water from around the foundation and disperses the water back into the soil. The non-perforated drain pipes moves the water away from the home without it seeping into the soil.

A French drain system can be installed both externally and internally.

  • External French drain system – This system runs around the perimeter of the home at the footing level and intercepts the water before it can enter the basement.
  • Internal French drain system – This system is installed along the interior footings. It intercepts the water as it enter the basement.

To keep your Iowa home dry, let the professionals at WCI Basement Repair inspect your home and offer you the best French drainage system to fit your needs. We are your French drain and drainage pipe experts in Iowa.



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